3 Things You Need To Know About The Steel Fabrication Process

There is a significant amount of steel produced in the United States each year. Steel is used in a large variety of different industries and for a wide variety of applications. All that steel is made through a dedicated industrial steel fabrication process. Creating the Design The first thing that happens in the steel fabrication process is the creation of a design. The company that needs to have a steel product made for them works with a steel fabricator to come up with a particular design for the steel.

From Pencils To Solar Panels: All The Unique Ways In Which Graphite Creates Usable, Desirable Products

From the time you were a little kid in elementary school, you knew that the soft gray lead in pencils was not lead. Somewhere along the way, an adult told you that lead was toxic, so you know that instead of lead, pencil manufacturers used graphite. Graphite was a carbon material that could easily bind to a bonding agent, making it malleable and able to roll into very small cylinders that could then be inserted into shaped wood to make pencils.