Understanding Mechanical Safety Concerns

Services You Can Expect To Get From A Steel Fabrication Shop

Custom steel fabrication can include many different things, but more often than not, a steel fabricator specializes in creating items from steel that are not otherwise available. Often, this means using special tools and techniques to cut, shape, weld, or forge steel into the item needed.

Design Services

Many custom steel fabrication shops can help you when you are trying to create a part from raw steel. Working with you to create a CAD (computer-aided drafting) drawing of the part and making adjustments to the design before producing the piece is more cost-effective and efficient than trying to do it without any plans. 

Some fabrication shops have an engineer or CAD designer on staff to work with clients on their product designs to ensure that the final product being fabricated is what the customer needs. The design process can often take longer than making the part, so it is crucial to consider that process an essential step in the process. 

Cutting Steel

One of the hardest things to do with steel is to cut through it and leave a clean cut or produce a specific shape. A custom steel fabrication shop often has multiple ways to cut steel that can produce very precise shapes or pieces that you can use on your project. 

Steel cutting can be done using a laser cutter, waterjet, or by hand with a plasma cutter or oxyacetylene torch. The most accurate of these methods is the waterjet because it produces no slag, and the steel is cut using a computer-guided table that can move in three axes to create specific items from the steel.

Laser cutting is a close second. With both methods, there is very little clean-up required. The program used to cut the parts can be saved, and additional pieces can be made to the correct specifications at any time. 

Custom Welding

If you need a part made of several components, you may need the custom fabrication shop to weld several pieces together to create the final product. A good fabrication shop can weld different types and thicknesses of material for you, so whether you are working with steel or using a combination of several materials, they should be able to handle the job. 

Most custom steel fabrication shops offer eclectic arc welding, MIG (metal inert gas) welding, and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, so welding anything from carbon steel to high-end alloys is well within their abilities. If you need to know that the parts you are putting together will stay together, a professional welding job is often the best way to do that.