Understanding Mechanical Safety Concerns

4 Improvements To Make On Your Large Garden Shed

If you're backyard shed is in rough shape, and you are looking to do some repairs, then you should take advantage of this opportunity and make some serious improvements to the structure. Even though your shed is just a place to store tools, gardening supplies, and equipment such as lawnmowers and chainsaws, you should keep it in good shape. Things such as a leaky roof or a bad entrance are problems you want to avoid.

Replace Asphalt Shingles With Metal Roofing Material

If your shed needs a new roof, you should opt for metal roofing. Metal is a very durable material and they can hold up for up to 50 years, whereas regular asphalt shingles might only last around a dozen years. So, once the metal roof is installed, you can forget about it. You don't have to climb up every fall and look for moss, dead leaves, other problems that plague asphalt roofs. Also, the sound of rain on the roof isn't an issue since it's a shed and you won't be sleeping in it. This means you won't have to go through the extra cost of having sound insulation material installed.

Add A Cupola To The Roof

If you're tearing up the current asphalt roof and having a metal roof installed, then you should take this opportunity and have a cupola installed. Choose a cupola that has vented sides. This will provide fresh airflow into the shed. If you don't have windows in the shed, then definitely consider this. A shed without any fresh air can get musky, moldy, and rank inside.

Add A Ramp To The Front Door

If you're constantly struggling with moving your lawnmower or wheelbarrow in and out of the shed, then you should have a ramp installed. This will allow you to easily move heavy objects into and out of the shed. Besides a lawnmower, you might have a wood-chopper, a log splitter, or anything else. If you continue to bang them into and out of the shed without a ramp you will damage the entryway. This can cause the door to close improperly and allow rodents to enter. A simple ramp that is flush with the entryway floor will allow you to easily move things in and out of the shed.

Install A Small Window On The Rear Wall

While a cupola is great at adding extra air to the room, a small window on the rear wall is great because it can add air, and also sunlight. This is great if you don't happen to have electricity in the shed. The small window can illuminate the room and eliminate the necessity for any sort of electrical lighting.