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Maximize Your Grocery Store's Merchandising Space With Custom Corrugated Display Boxes

Your grocery store has a fixed number of aisles and display cases, which can make it difficult to expand your offerings without removing existing inventory. Custom corrugated boxes make it easier to bring new items into your store, and they can help to provide flexible cross-merchandising options. Here are four ideas you can put to work in your store.

Floor Displays At The Deli

People purchasing sliced deli meats and cheeses are likely to need condiments to go with their purchases. Corrugated cardboard floor displays can be used to showcase gourmet mustard, mayonnaise or other sandwich spreads. Having them available at the deli counter might help to entice customers to purchase these items, even if they weren't planning on walking through your aisles. Consider placing condiments at higher price points in this area to maximize your sales potential, and place the displays on either end of the deli case for easy access. Have your cardboard display supplier create displays with custom graphics depicting sandwiches on the sides to make a big visual impact.

Back To School Bins

The back to school season isn't just for purchasing pens and notebooks. Parents will need goodies to place in their children's lunch boxes. Consider custom-printed cardboard bins that resemble school buses to call attention to the display, and fill them with packages of individually wrapped snacks, such as crackers and cookies. Be sure to add signage to advertise the price points on these items, and place them in the area directly in front of your registers for last-minute impulse buys.

Holiday Treats

Custom displays shaped to look like Christmas trees offer a great way to merchandise holiday candies, baking mixes and stocking stuffers. Invest in several of these and place them throughout your grocery store. A display near the produce department might include assortments of nuts people might use to make holiday fruit cakes, and displays near the bakery might include cake mixes, frosting and cake decorations people can use to make their own holiday desserts. Place a few of these displays near the registers to showcase holiday-themed boxed candies for last-minute gifts.

Produce Displays

Cross-selling croutons, salad dressings and bacon bits is a smart way to maximize the space in your produce section. Consider cardboard displays with graphics of fruits and vegetables on the sides, and place them near the entrance to your produce department. You can use the displays to showcase a new line of salad dressings or any salad fixings that might be on sale.

Get creative with different custom-printed corrugated displays to find new ways to merchandise your inventory. Because these are added to your sales floor, you won't lose any precious aisle space, and you'll get a great way to call attention to new products. Check out a company like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC to get started.