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Three Optional Features Of Portable Clothing Racks And Their Uses In Specific Situations

Whether you run a retail business or just have a lot of clothes to organize in your home closet, a portable garment rack is a relatively compact device that will save you a lot of trouble. But since there are so many garment racks out there to choose from, ranging from very cheap to fairly expensive models, picking out what's right for you can be difficult. To narrow down your choices, look over these three optional features of portable clothing racks and see if any of their situational advantages apply to you.

All-metal Construction

Most clothing racks, including most of the ones you'll find in a typical department store, are made with a mix of plastic and metal beams. The metal provides stability while the plastic keeps the price down.

However, if you need to store a lot of heavy uniforms, jackets, tuxedos, or something similar in one place for a long time, you'll need a clothing rack that has a very high carrying capacity. In this case, when you're looking at a rack's specifications, make sure that it says somewhere that its frame is made entirely out of metal.

Metal Grille Near The Floor

While a metal grille toward the bottom of the rack will often prevent you from storing extremely lengthy garments such as full body costumes, it'll provide an invaluable space for shoes, boxes, and other various trinkets. The smaller the spaces between the individual bars making up the grille are, the easier it'll be to store relatively delicate things on it that would be too small for a grille with only five or six bars going across it.

One downside here, however, is that your rack will be significantly heavier. Therefore, a grille is more ideal for times when the clothes you need to store are relatively light and they're only one type of item among many in your closet or warehouse.

Rectangular Frame For Easy Covering

Although you might think that having a rectangular frame on the top of your garment rack provides nothing besides extra weight, it's the only thing that will make it possible to cover all your clothes with a garment rack cover without crushing them beyond recognition. This cover will protect the clothes from dust and from bugs. Some plastic models are even sturdy enough to provide an airtight seal.

The longer you plan to store a set of valuable clothes without disturbing them, the more of a benefit you'll get from a protective garment rack. So whenever you're picking out a rack, always keep the actual and possible uses you're planning for it in mind.