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Four Types Of Manufactured Acrylic Furniture That Can Brighten Up Your Home

The invention of acrylic plastic gives furniture manufacturers the ability to make items that are lightweight and fashionable that embrace the clean-lined, contemporary modern look.  Below is a brief description of this material and four of the most commonly found types of acrylic furniture.

Acrylic Plastic Described

Acrylic plastic is a transparent material that can be cut, shaped, drilled and colored. Polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA, is one of the most common varieties, favored because it resists fading in ultraviolet light. PMMA resists breakage and is often used in airplane windshields, outdoor signage and skylights. In homes and offices, PMMA is used for everything from tables to picture frames.

Four Popular Types of Acrylic Furniture

Coffee and End Tables

Simply designed, usually a top with two sides, an acrylic coffee table does have that sleek, modern look. One variation of the design may add an additional shelf, handy for storing magazines or other items. During the manufacturing process the edges are beveled, making them smooth, preventing the snagging of clothes and scratching of fingers. The polished edges also add a slight 3-D effect, especially on the clear tables. The end tables are usually smaller versions of the coffee table.

Acrylic Desks

Put an acrylic desk next to a window and you enhance the light streaming in, making the room seem brighter. Compare that to a metal or wooden desk, which absorb that light and creates shadows underneath. The design is similar to the coffee table, but the desk is taller to accommodate a chair. Available in different sizes, acrylic desks can be used as a computer station, an arts and crafts table or even as a display counter.

Acrylic Benches

Acrylic is strong enough to hold the weight of a person and is often used to make benches. Some are stationary, while others have wheels attached. The versatile, non-scratch benches may also be used as tables when needed. For example, you could pull that bench over to your favorite chair as a stand for your laptop or to enjoy dinner while watching your favorite show.

Acrylic Dining Table Bases

Manufacturers also produce "V" shaped bases, that along with a professionally cut piece of polished glass, makes an impressive dining table. Two bases are needed. They stand on end, with a special grooved surface on the top edge to help hold the glass in place. Light the room with an elegant chandelier or candles and your dining table creates a simple yet elegant entertaining space.